Doha - "Songs of Spiritual Realization"


Called doha in Sanskrit, these songs spontaneously burst forth from realized Buddhist masters of India and Tibet without any thought or deliberation over composition. They simply spill from the mouths of such masters as an expression of their realization. Such songs of wisdom contain profound messages about the nature of reality and typically arise in metered verse in a variety of melodies. Those who hear the words will understand the meaning according to their capacity, and the songs will lead each listener to their own insights and wisdom.


Speaker's bio:

Join us for an evening with Khentrul Lodrö Thayé Rinpoche, renowned monk and scholar, and author of the recently published book, The Power of Mind: A Tibetan Monk's Guide to Finding Freedom in Every Challenge, for a discussion on these songs of realization, their history and importance. Rinpoche will explain one chosen song and sing it in its original language and melody.